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Wander of Shinobi OTS

Wander of Shinobi 6.0 WAR Edition OFFICIAL START!
Date : 13.09.2015
Official site :
Are you a FAN of Anime Naruto?
Wander of Shinobi has come a long way from the first versions, we have been working for years on this project, connecting the fans of Anime Naruto and right now now we're ready to release Wander of Shinobi War v6.0 and soon the servers will be opened for the Players!
Don't miss the biggest opening yet!
Wander of Shinobi is Naruto Themed MMORPG based as OTS.
All the graphics, scripts and maps were created to enable you feel like a part of Shinobi World.
The Game has been created for the 5 Years now, and all the experience we gain for this time
is backed with the facts that Wander of Shinobi is also number One OTS with most players online due to Otservlist Rankings
Wander of Shinobi has 16 Playable Characters :
Uzumaki Naruto
Uchiha Sasuke
Haruno Sakura
Rock Lee
Ten Ten
Hyuuga Neji
Aburame Shino
Hyuuga Hinata
Inuzuka Kiba
Nara Shikamaru
Akimichi Chouji
Yamanaka Ino
Sabaku no Gaara
Each Character has its unique : Jutsus, Look, Transforms, Skills and his own Play Mode.
Wander of Shinobi is constantly being updated since creation, we managed to present about 50 Patches
and we are still upgrading our Game!
Wander of Shinobi is the most STABLE Naruto Ots according to the Otservlist Rankings, we have been online for more than 5 Years. This time can ensure you that Server will be online all the time and you will not lose your time, playing Other OTS that will be closed anyway.
As one of few OTS Games, Wander of Shinobi has its Unique Script System and Graphics that ensures you
about our quality. Based on the time, Game also holds such events as : Halloween, Easter, Christmas and more...
...and even more!
Don't wait! Visit our official site on 13 Semptember : follow the instructions and create your first own Account!
You can also find us on the Facebook!
That's my way of Ninja
Wander of Shinobi! … e=566BA0BD … e=56713754 … e=5671DED7 … e=56AA5D79 … e=566F4C84 … e=5671A7C6



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