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Memsoria Ots START SOBOTA 09.05.2015

Server Information   
Port:    7173
Client 8.6
Memsoria Features
Uptime 24/7
Offline Training
PvP World
Custom Addon Bonus system
New Autostack has been added
The attack/follow cancel attack is working
Bots and other software easing your game are allowed
Balanced vocations
Real guild war system
Raid system and Boss spawns
No overpowered donation items
All Monsters with their respective loot
New monsters
Own Map
Free VIP from 150 level
All real tibia features such as all houses and npcs.
Skills: 90x
Magic: 70x
Loot: 2x
Spawn: 8x
Protection level:    2000
Level to buy house: 700
Daily frags to Red Skull:    10
Weekly frags to Red Skull:    60
Monthly frags to Red Skull:    250
Daily frags to Black Skull:    13
Weekly frags to Black Skull:    65
Monthly frags to Black Skull:    270



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