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Hello there - Otland members! The Real Tibia server for 7.6 is here!

At the start, i would like to say something. Me, and my crew were working to run the PERFECT Real Tibia server for 7.6 client. Why? Because in our opinion - 7.6 was the best protocol released by Cipsoft and honestly, every next client was worse (you can look at the players online now, and 6-8 years ago - those were HUGE NUMBERS). We know, that real tibia copy cannot be done in four or five months. We are only four in a team, testing things like PvP, quests and NPC's ourselves and we need your apprehend, that many things could not work as they should right now (but we are still building!)

So, enought talking about us, lets talk about YOU!

What can you find on our server?

Cities including Rookgaard, Carlin, Thais, Venore, Edron, Darashia, Ankrahmun, Ab'dendriel and Port Hope!

217 working and scripted NPC's are ready to prepare you for the adventure on our server!

97 working quests starting from famous Doublet Quest on Rookgaard, through Paradox Tower and ending on the hardest challange - The Annihilator!

787 beautiful houses equipped with beds in seven cities are ready to rent!*
houses are buyable only via our website (auctions like real tibia).


Working expirience sharing!
Working task system with many rewards!
Working raids!
Working missions from NPC's!
Working PvP System!
Premium and promotion system - including learning spells in premium cities!

...and much more!

HERE: You can look at our changelog: … oon-gaming

Level 1 to level 8 - 6x
Level 8 to level 50 - 5x
Level 50 to level 100 - 4x

Magic Level rate - x3
Skills rate - x2,5
Loot rate - x2

And the last one. If there is someone, who doesnt have anything important to say, flames and destroys the ambience, we really dont care about hates. We know what to do in these situations and it's not permitted. If you found a bug, post on on the forums, it will be solved in 24 hours.

Thank you very much for patience and the help.



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